Especially for believers in Jesus Christ, worship is the expected way of life. God made worship good and beneficial for us, from both a worldly and spiritual perspective. But, amazingly, He loves us passionately, and in His goodness He wants us to live with Him forever. This inevitability is not based on need but rather a necessary manifestation of God’s names and attributes. We worship God because—through God’s wisdom and mercy—He created us that way. The fact that God has created rational creatures who would freely choose to worship Him and do good, some to the point of becoming exalted in virtue like the prophets, and then being given eternal life in the presence of God, to pass an eternity of intimate love and companionship, is the greatest story ever told. Worship is loving God. By greater reason, God would inevitably create us to worship Him because He is the One worthy of worship. God made worship good and beneficial for us, from both a worldly and spiritual perspective. God is worthy of our worship because there is something about God that makes Him so. This Englishman has, of course, astute observation. "Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name." He does not respect us for attending, if we have not first given our heart to Him, knowing He is the One, who alone provides us with salvation. Another reason God commands us to worship, serve, give and obey is for our joy. The Qur'anic Argument for God's Existence, The Prophetic Truth: Why Muhammad ﷺ is God's Final Messenger, God's Testimony: The Divine Authorship of the Qur'an, Is God Merciful? When he commands us to sing or pray or love our enemies, it is for our benefit. When we come before God in worship, we humbly give ourselves up to his Lordship, proclaiming that he is … Close. Does God need our worship? He is the Being with the most perfect names and attributes. A practical way of looking at this question is explained in the following illustration. God wants—but doesn’t need—our praise At the back of this narcissist God claim is the idea that somehow God needs our praise, our approval, our gratitude and our glory to shore up his fragile ego and help his self-development. Why Does God Need Our Worship Despite Our Pain? There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance.” If God needed anything, would He tell us? This water is infested with sharks. So, God does not need us. The best way to answer these questions is to first understand who God is in the context of worship. An artist inevitably produces art work because he has the attribute of being artistic. When we worship with an obedient heart and an open and repentant spirit, God is glorified, Christians are purified, the church is edified, and the lost are evangelized. So, 2,000 years ago, God Himself put on skin, came to Earth, and gave His very life to atone for our sin and prove His deep love for us. However, being stuck on the question Why did you throw me in here? He possesses all the perfect names and attributes to the highest degree possible. Some paleontologists and neuroscientists even believe language evolved from singing , so it’s deep in our DNA to want to do so. In summary, He created us to worship Him due to His eternal wisdom, we just cannot comprehend why. Therefore, He is worthy of the most extensive form of praise and praising God is a form of worship. God is the one perfect Being in the entire universe, completely worthy of worship. If you were intelligent, you would use the map and reach the safety of the island. Over and over God calls for our hearts to be authentic and undivided in our worship. We are not doing God any favors. Both are impossibilities. Has Science Disproved God? Now if by worship you mean focus I could understand, but somehow I do not think most who worship think of it as strictly a focus. Divine Link: The Argument from Dependency, 6. November 5, 2012 by Lisa, RM Director 2 Comments. True worship costs us something. To understand the answer to this question, we must first define worship. He doesn’t need our worship either. For questions, comments, suggestions and events please complete the form below; @2019 - Hamza Andreas Tzortzis. ", Copyright 2011-2021 Got Questions Ministries - All Rights Reserved. There is no lack in him. Why in the Qur’an does He severely reprimand those who do not worship and threaten them with such a terrible punishment as Hell? You can purchase the book here. Imagine you were on the edge of a cliff and someone pushed you into the ocean below. Thus He requests, seeks, and demands that His created beings honor Him. God is the creator and almighty and eternal. Exodus 34:14 clearly states, "for you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God." It has been said that we become like that which we worship. Therefore, God does not need us to worship Him at all. The Purpose Of Our Worship Of God. That is the point to which our adoration must come. Do not misunderstand what I am saying here, God showers us with many blessings; however, He is worshipped because of who He is and not necessarily how He decides—via His boundless wisdom—to distribute His bounty. However, the one who pushed you gave you a waterproof map and an oxygen tank to be able to navigate via safe areas in order to reach a beautiful tropical island where you will stay forever in bliss. How can I worship the Lord in spirit and truth (John 4:23-24)? Something else to consider: If God were vain, one would think that he would want pictures and statues of him everywhere, yet he commanded that no one make images of him. will probably mean you are eaten by the sharks. God is not demanding that we love Him so that we can meet the needs of His psychological profile this week. Further, we are taught to worship no other god or idol. (2001) Tafsir al-Jalalayn. Taken and adapted from my book “The Divine Reality: God, Islam & The Mirage of Atheism”. What does it mean that God is a jealous God? “While God doesn’t need our worship in order to be complete, our worship is still a duty—something that we owe to God. But it is a duty that we can perform cheerfully, knowing that, in doing so, we are participating briefly in the life of heaven.” OK, this is thought provoking. Such a Being with these attributes must be prayed to, and to be asked assistance of. But the truth is, God, Yahweh, Jesus, Yeshua, is in need of nothing. In Romans 12:1 that cost is described as the sacrifice of self. The Aim of creating Human Beings studying divine attributes and actions and studying the creation of man, guiding him by sending His messages through prophets, and His generous rewards makes it very clear that everything is based on His mercy. God creating us to worship Him was inevitable. Yes! These are all the elements of true worship. Worship is knowing God for who He is, adoring Him, obeying Him, proclaiming Him as a way of life. If it does not, we wallow in idolatry again and again and again. He is infinitely perfect and complete. 1. In my conception a God who is perfect neither needs nor requires our worship. The Qur’an repeatedly highlights this fact about God, “Indeed, I am God. Lesson 1. I think that is why God demands our devotion. What does holy, holy, holy mean in reference to God? They tell us how to navigate the path of life safely. The Qur'anic Argument for God's Existence, 4. [4] The Qur’an, Chapter 11, Verses 118 and 119. There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance." Therefore, God does not need us to worship Him at all. ), however this specific topic will be addressed in another article. I think it is the latter and there is a verse that provides a hint to why we need to worship God. God by definition is the One who is entitled to our worship; it is a necessary fact of His own existence. God doesn’t need us but we do need Him. As He told the Israelites, He does not need their sacrifices, He is the ruler of the universe, every beast of the field is … An important point regarding worshipping God is that it is His right even if we are not recipients of any type of comfort. The perfect God who has saved believers from their sins is completely worthy of all worship, both in this life and for all eternity. However, God’s kindness, knowledge and wisdom are to the highest degree possible with no deficiency or flaw. All Right Reserved. Worship is desired and demanded by the Lord. For the Muslim, the Qur’an and Prophetic traditions are the map and the oxygen tank. Available Now: Newly Edition of The Divine Reality, The Qur’an’s Argument for God’s Existence, Divine Link: The Argument from Dependency. Christian Truth. In this lab, John Piper asks how we can ever repay God for all he’s done for us. In summary, God created us to worship Him because He wants good for us; in other words He wants us to go to paradise. In addition, God loves good. All God commands us is for our good and his glory. There is no deity except Me, so worship Me and establish prayer for My remembrance.”[1]. For example, in Islamic theology God is described as the The-Loving, and this means that His love is the most perfect love and His love is the greatest love possible. Why did He create us to worship Him? As I express back to Him the truth of who He is and who I am because I’m in Jesus, my sense of identity changes. We worship God because—through God’s wisdom and mercy—He created us that way. God by definition is the One who is entitled to our worship; it is a necessary fact of His own existence. God wants our love, worship, and praise not because God needs anything from us, but because when we focus our hearts and minds on God instead of on ourselves, we open ourselves up to new love, light, and power from God. Cairo: Dar al-Hadith, p. 302. When he was on trial, he … And when God comes in his own time as a response to our worship, Psalm 96:13 declares, "Let all creation rejoice before the LORD, for he comes, he comes to judge the earth. God does not need praise. Know God, Know Good: God & Objective Morality. The Psalmist writes: Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel. I understand why Christians feel the need to worship God, especially through song.

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